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A Cinematic Space Invasion
Image and space: Effi & Amir / Music: Stephan Dunkelman

Our space odyssey is fueled by a continuous unease with the physical screen space, its rigid borders and its tyrannic attitude towards the viewer (where to stand/sit, where to look, from how far...)
While music spreads naturally in the space, video tends to stick to the walls, satisfied with superficial being...
With this project we aim to push the video image beyond its traditional two dimensional terrain (x, y axes) to extend itself into the actual space (z axis).
This is not only a question of volume or of immersive-ness, it's an attempt towards a physical editing, or more precisely – spatial compositing.
The installation follows the logic of a compositing software; the video layers are projected separately while the interaction between them (the mix, the composite) happens thanks to the spatial layout and its material qualities (parallel to layer modes or transparency levels in software terms).
The spectators too have a role in the compositing: as they move around in the space, or simply by tilting the head or by bending a knee the view point is changing and with it - the composition.

Transhumances is supported by the communauté française de belgique and co-produced by Netwerk

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