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The Vanishing Vanishing-Point

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The Vanishing Vanishing-Point | 2015 |video | 27:50 | No dialogue, English text

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The Vanishing Vanishing-Point was produced with the support of the Ostrovsky Family Fund
Let Us Start From The Middle - Tirana Art Lab, Tirana
Decolonized Skies - Apexart, NY curated by Hi&Low Bureau (Yael Messer and Gilad Reich), at
Hostipitalité, L'ILSEP, Brussels, curated by Florence Cheval
Decolonized Skies - ADN Platform, Barcelone
Space Above, Space Below - Kunst i festival, Inderøy, Norway, curated by Liv Brissach
FID Marseille - parallel screens sectiom
Decolonized Skies - Artport, Tel Aviv
Festival Filmer a tout prix - Awarded best belgian short

« The Olive tree, as foreign as us, appeared in the Leopold Park several weeks after our own arrival in Brussels. We filmed it for 7 years, until it died. But only a year later, when we found out the tree still exists in Google Street View, this movie could happen. »
In the heart of Europe there is a garden, in the garden there is a tree and there is always a couple. The Vanishing Vanishing-Point is a contemplative walk and a detective story, within the paralel world of Google Street View.