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Housewarming | 2016 |video | 33'30 | Albanian, English/French subtitles

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Housewarming was produced by La chose à trois jambes, in co-production with the Centre de l’audiovisuel à Bruxelles and ORAFILM (Albania) | Supported by The center for cinema and audiovisual of Wallonie-Bruxelles federation, The Flemish Film Fund (VAF), Ostrovsky Family Fund, and Argos - center for art ad media. With the help of Netwerk- centre for contemporary art | The project has participated in the SIC - sound image culture Workshop, 2014
In a two-dimensional dystopian landscape of deserted half-built houses in Albania, a new mythology is in the making. The filmmakers, perhaps a contemporary incarnation of Goldilocks from the tale of the Three Bears, invade the houses and occupy their empty, liminal space and its missing furniture. The local community comments in song and speech about the new arrivals and their enterprise of an immigration in an opposite direction, from the full to the empty, from excess to lack.

Text - sung and spoken - based on interviews conducted in Albania by Effi & Amir in May 2014

Original Poems written by - Krenar Zejno

Perfomed by iso-polyphony group - ensembel Cipini, Vlora

Recorded at Artur Dhamo Audio Records
Krenar Zejno and the Iso-Polyphony singers working on the songs