HOMESICK HOME - longing for cultural identity

A compilation of contemporary videos from Israel presented in PROGR, Bern. 2004

HOMESICK HOME - longing for cultural identity
contemporary videos from Israel
selection and short introduction (in English) by effi & amir

In this compilation you will not see Israeli soldiers aiming their guns at Palestinian children,
nor people shout and cry after a suicidal bomb attack. The videos look further and deeper 
into Israeli cultural structure, or rather Israeli cultural rapture, (which is definitely not 
separable from current events).
Modern Israeli society is characterized by dislocation. It's an immigrants' society, whose 
establishers deliberately forgot their past and focused on inventing an independent identity. 
Still, while doing so, they were bound to use their inherited concepts and thinking structures 
of “the west”. Those, implanted in the Middle-East, were gradually rejected, subverted, 
or reshaped by their new surrounding. 
The artists represented in this evening are either second or third generation of establishers. 
They live within the conflict, between here and there. In their works, they all long for “else”; 
geographical, cultural or temporal “elsewhere” they will never have.
participating artists: 
Boaz Arad, Guy Ben-Ner, Effi & Amir, Irit Garty & Isaac Layish, Sharon Glazberg, 
Elyasaf Kowner, Ariela Plotkin. 
screening duration ~85min