L'hypothèse d'une porte

A documentation and an after thought [FR, NL, EN]

Between May and September 2021, we have occupied the LAB space of La CENTRALE for contemporary art, in the centre of Brussels. We, means, Effi & Amir, Suleiman, Ahmed, Mohamed, Pacifique, Louis, Joël, Musa and Sayed. None of us were born in Belgium. None of usgrew up in Belgium. We have arrived here as adults and we are trying to make it our home. This shared experience, despite all our differences - in language, culture, profession, legal
status and economic situation - constituted the common ground on which this project was built.

This publication is a trace of the project, as well as a means to share the collective process and the thoughts that developed throughout.

Designed by Miriam Hempel / Dare to know