About Effi & Amir

Effi & Amir are Effi Weiss and Amir Borenstein.
They are living in Brussels and are working together since 1998
contact: ea[at]effiandamir.net

  • 2020
  • FIFF -Festival International du Film Francophone, Namur (BE) -CHANCE
    Voice Over - Bonnefanten Museum, Maastricht (NL) - group exhibition
    Médiathèque Nef Europa, Vendôme-Villiers (FR) - screening and talk
    Festival Le monde au coin de la rue, Grenoble (FR) - Sous la douche, le ciel  [cancelled]
    94Çachauffe, Ivry-sur-Seinne (FR) - Sous la douche, le ciel
    True Grid - Unanimous Consent, Zurich - group exhibition
    Fiction Territoriale - Point Culture, Brussels - group exhibition and a talk
    BOZAR - premiere screening of CHANCE
    - online exhibition
    Kunstenfestivaldesarts, Brussels - premiere of The 8th Letter - [cancelled]

  • 2019
  • Mediapart - online screening of Sous la douche, le ciel
    Point Culture, Brussels - screening - Sous la douche, le ciel
    Don't Interrupt Your Activity - Groupe exhibition, Galerie de l'ERG, Brussels, curated by espace p( )tentiel - The Vanishing Vanishing-Point
    Don't Interrupt Your Activity - Groupe exhibition, La Générale, Paris, curated by espace p( )tentiel - Housewarming
    A Trans-Boreder Time Machine, group exhibition, Pohang Cultural Centre (KR) curated by Espace P( )tentiel
    25e Image - Festival du film social, Paris and Nice
    Festival Jean Rouch (FR) - AWARD -Mario Rupsoli Prize
    Cinéma Grignoux, Liège - screening - Sous la douche, le ciel
    Cinéma Caméo, Namur - screening and talk - Sous la douche, le ciel
    L'Engrenage, Charlieu (FR) - screening - Sous la douche, le ciel
    Universita di Parma (IT) - screening - Sous la douche, le ciel
    Cinematek, Belgium - Same River Twice - screening and talk
    Syndicat Potentiel Strasbourg (FR)
    - screening
    Festival La Salle en Cevènnes (FR)
    Residency, Jaffa (IL)
    Festival Itinérances, Alès (FR) - Sous la douche, le ciel
    Cine Club Garcia Lorca, Brussels (BE) - Sous la douche, le ciel
    Flowers of the Land, The Israeli Centre for Digital Art (IL), exposition colletcive
    TËNK, curated online platform - Sous la douche, le ciel
    Nuit du Cinéma Militant, Lyon (FR) - Sous la douche, le ciel
    FIPADOC 2019, Biarritz (FR) - Sous la douche, le ciel
    Centre culturel de Schaerbeek, Brussels - Sous la douche, le ciel
    La Tricotrie, Brussels - Sous la douche, le ciel
    BX1 – TV broadcast of Sous la douche, le ciel

  • 2018
  • We play, We stage, And we’re enacting – group exhibition, FoCA Palbock Art Centre, Jeonju, Korea.
    Harama Magazine, issue #22, featuring The Torch Lighting Ceremony
    Escale de Nord, Centre culturel d'Anderlecht, Brussels - screening
    Archipel 19 -Centre culturel de Berchem-Ste-Agathe / Koekelberg - screening
    Festival cinema d'attac, Brussels
    Festival Terra Nostra, Cévennes (FR)
    Le jour de doc, Atelier Quand la me monte, Annonay (FR)
    We Are Natives – an exhibition at The Complete Jessy Cohen Museum, By artist Tamir Erlich, The Israeli Centre for Digital Art, Holon
    Ça s'débat, B-Mundo, Brussels – Screening
    Seasonal Neighbours, screening, Borgloon, (BE)
    VISITE festival, Het Bos, Antwerpen (BE)

    Un | Settled - group exhibition, Raversyde, Ostende (BE)
    Cinema Aventure, Brussels - Sous la douche, le ciel – cinema screenings
    BX1 - Sous la douche, le ciel – TV broadcast
    Cinema Nova, Brussels - Sous la douche, le ciel (Shower Power), a programme of screenings and discussions around the film
    Instructions For The Audience – Group exhibition, Seoul Museum of Arts, S. Korea
    Cinema Nova, Brussels - Sous la douche, le ciel
    Participatory Video Festival, De Koer, Gent
    Milenium Film Festival, Brussels - Sous la douche, le ciel
    Sous la douche, le ciel (Shower Power), Avant-premier, Beurschouwburg, Brussels
    International Video Art Festival Now&After ’18, Moscow
    The Complete Jessy Cohen Museum, New exhibition by Artist Gal Leshem

  • 2017
  • Hamekarer – Group exhibition – Mnemonic Gymnastics, Hamekarer, Tel-Aviv
    Caminar, pensar…derivar - group exhibition, C DAN Museum Heusca, Spain – The Vanishing Vanishing-Point
    Saison video -online curated platform – Housewarming
    Apricot Tree Documentary Film Festival, Armenia – Housewarming
    What Are Monuments Made Of, Kauno Biennale, curated by Udi Edelman
    Com nu ties – ISELP, Brussels – Group exhibition
    Arkipel International Documentary and Experimental Film Festival, Jakarta
    SKCOLIDLOG and Other Inversions - Oral site – artist publication
    Håll, Sustainability and Design Festival, Malmö - Mnemonic Gymnastics
    Copenhagen Photo Festival, Østre Gasværk Teater – Epiphany On Vacation
    Mediterranea 18, Albania – Housewarming
    How To Tell A Place - A workshop with the group ATA, at Kamza, Albania
    Cinematek Belgique – screening of Same River Twice
    Le plis du temps, Le Cinema des cineastes, Paris, invited by Le BAL -Housewarming
    Visit II, Het Bos, Antwerpen - screening of Same River Twice
    Verticulation - an online exhibition at Oral.Site
    Void Gallery, Derry, Northern Ireland –Nothing But Longing - Group exhibition

  • 2016
    • onMAPS - online magazine - Mnemonic Gymnastics
    • Teatri i Gjelberimit - A screening event at the group exhibition curated by Vincent van Gerven Oei and Stefano Romano, Black Box, University of Arts Tirana, Albania - Housewarming
    • FIAC - (Foire Internationale d'Art Contemporain)- Screening programme - Housewarming
    • IHRFFA - International Human Rights Film Festival, Tirana -Housewarming 
    • THE COMPLETE JESSY COHEN MUSEUM - exhibition, The Israeli Centre for Digital Art, Holon
    • Arquiteturas Film Festival, Lisbon - Mnemonic Gymnastics
    • Saison Video  - online screening platform, September programme - The Vanishing Vanishing Point
    • The 14th EASA Biennial Conference: Anthropological legacies and human futures, Department of Human Science for Education 'Riccardo Massa' and Department of Sociology and Social Research at University of Milano-Bicocca - Same River Twice
    • The Complete  Jessy Cohen Museum Mid Term Event - (curatorial), The Israeli Centre for Digital Art, Holon
    • FID Marseille - Parallel Screens section - Housewarming International premiere
    • docuTIFF festival Tirana, Albania - Housewarming
    • The Presence of the Real (curated by Galit Eilat)- a screening at the opening event, Jusuf Gervalla Cinema ,Peja, Kosovo -Housewarming 
    • Kunsten Festival des Arts, Reflection days - a screening of Mnemonic Gymnastics
    • Grammars of Place -group exhibition, curated by Anthony Marcellini at the Simone DeSousa Gallery in Detroit - The Vanishing Vanishing-Point.
    • The Complete  Jessy Cohen Museum - Residency and community project at The Israeli Centre for Digital Art, Holon
    • Virtual residency - an artist publication - at Sarma's Oral Site, invited by Myriam Van Imschoot - Housewarming publication
    • Melancholy of Knowledge - Solo exhibition - Espace Libre, Biel-Bienne, Switzerland
    • Residency at The Curfew Tower, Cushendall, N.Ireland
    • Beursschouwburg - Housewarming - Belgian premiere
  • 2015
    • Hors les murs, Festival International Jean Rouch, MUCEM, Marseille- Deux fois le meme fleuve
      Films et média ethnographique - Université de Nantes - Deux fois le meme fleuve
      Festival Filmer à tout prix  - GRAND PRIX DU JURY, Belgian shorts - The Vanishing Vanising-Point
      Decolonized Skies, a group exhibition, Artport TLV, curated by Yael Messer and Gilad Reich - The Vanishing Vanishing-Point
      Preaching To The Choir, Herzliya Museum, curated by Maayan Sheleff - Skcolidlog and Other Inversions
      In Tandem - Group exhibition, Hnasen House, Jerusalem - curated by Avital Naor Wexler
      FID Marseille - documentary film festival - The Vanishing Vanishing-Point
      Space Above, Space Below - Kunst i festival, Inderoy, Norway, Curated by Liv Brissach
    • Decolonized Skies, a group exhibition. ADN Platform, Barcelone. curated by Yael Messer and Gilad Reich - The Vanishing Vanishing-Point
    • Videofocus biennale publication - featuring Deux fois le meme fleuve
    • Project Biennale, Konijc, Bosnia, curated by Adela Demetja, Margarethe Makovec & Anton Lederer - Nmemonic Gymnastics
    • Mamuta, Hansen House, Jerusalem - a screening of Same River Twice
    • Garcia Lorca Collective Cinema Club, Brussels -a screening of Deux fois le meme fleuve
    • Art Plaza, Mons - a screening of Deux fois le meme fleuve
    • Hostipitalité - group exhibition @ Iselp - curator: Florence Cheval (The Vanishing Vanishing-Point)
  • 2014
    • RISC- Rencontre Interbational science et cinema - Marseille - screening of Deux fois le meme fleuve
    • Iselp -Deux fois le meme fleuve, screening and talk
    • Jean Rouches film Festival, Paris - Deux fois le meme fleuve
    • Quebec City film festival -Deux fois le meme fleuve
    • Milano Film Festival - Deux fois le meme fleuve
    • Decolonized Skies -Group exhibition, Apexart, nyc, NY, curated by Yael Messer and Gilad Reich - The Vanishing Vanishing-Point
    • Artist talk - A land voiced overed, Tirana Art Lab, Tirana, Albania
    • SOLO EXHIBITION - Let us start from the middle - at Tirana Art Lab, tirana, Albania
    • Production grant - Ostrovsky Family Fund - The Vanishing Vanishing-Point
    • Art Kontakt Festiva, porto palermo, Albania - Tips & Tricks
    • IndieLisboa Festival - Deux fois le meme fleuve HONORARY MENTION
    • Jewish motifs festival, Warsaw - Deux fois le meme fleuve
    • FilmsLab wallonie-bruxelles production grant - House Warming
    • SIC - Partcipating project at the Sound Image Culture workshop, Brussels, with House Warming
    • Festival Itinerances, Ales - Deux fois le meme fleuve
    • Festival - Bande(s) a Part, Bobigny - Deux fois le meme fleuve
    • Festival Trace de vies, Claermont Ferand-Deux fois le meme fleuve
  • 2013
    • Cinematheque Haifa et Tel Aviv - Deux fois le meme fleuve 
    • Fimer a tout prix - Deux fois le meme fleuve - AUTHORS ASSOCIATION PRIZE
    • Jihlava Documentary Film Festival -Deux fois le meme fleuve
    • Balkan Beyond Borders festival, Bucharest - Jury members
    • Cinema Nova, Brussels - screening of "Deux fois le meme fleuve"
    • Filmpodium (Centre PAsquArt) Biel/Bienne - Screening "Deux fois le meme fleuve"
    • The Jerusalem Film Festival - Van Lier competition for documentary films "Deux fois le meme fleuve"
    • BXLx24 - workshop facilitating, 3rd episode, Produced by CVB, CPC, Brussels
    • Marubi Kino (at the academiy for film and multimedia), Tirana - Screening of "Deux fois le meme fleuve"
    • Invited guests at the workshop "the art of interview", Apass, Brussels (screening + interview)
    • UPJB, Brussels - "Deux fois le meme fleuve", screening and talk
  • 2012
    • Travel Agency - residency @ Shop, Nadine
    • How to Care for A Wandering Jew at the opening of Where to? The Israeli centre for Digital Art
    • Tipe & Tricks -Where to? The Israeli centre for Digital Art
    • BXLx24 - workshop facilitating, 2nd episode, Produced by CVB, CPC, Brussels
    • Home Affairs – video programme curated by Liliana Orbach, for IVAHM festival, Spain and Colombia.
  • 2011
    • Jessy Cooks- a docu web project in the kitchens of Jessie Cohen neighborhood in Holon, Israel (commissioned by the Israeli Center for Digital Art)
    • "who's afraid of the big bad crisis" - video workshop facilitating, in Skopje Macedonia (produced by Line Initiative an Movement)
    • "who's afraid of the big bad crisis" - video workshop facilitating, in Tirana, Albania (produced by Tirana art Lab)
    • "who's afraid of the big bad crisis" - video workshop facilitating, in Athens, Greece (produced by Balkans Beyond Borders)
    • Bruxelles X24 - video workshop produced by CVB and CPC. In the frame of "filmer a tout pix" festival.
    • Epiphany On Vacation, screenings at the jewish museum, at The UPJB, Brussels, and as part of the Mobile archive of the Israeli center for digital art.
  • 2010
    • Development grant of the commission des arts numeriques de la communaute francaise for the project Kilo for a Kilo
    • Development grant of the CBA (centre de l'audiovidsuel, bruxelles) for Twice The Same River
    • VideoZone 5, Tel aviv (the israeli video art biennale, CCA)
    • Workshop facilitators at the Sighisora Summer Academy (of the bucharest art university) 
    • Aarau one minute film festival
    • Hebron HEB2 video workshop (girls)(amir)
    • Kilo for a kilo - project presentation @ Nadine, Brussels
    • Fedasil video workshop (amir) - production: CPC, Brussels
    • Hebron HEB2 video workshop (boys) - produced by HEB2 and the Israeli Center for Digital Art
    • Solidarcité video workshop (effi) - production: Videp, Brussels
  • 2009
    • Transhumances (concert installation), la bellone in the frame of Composite#6, Brussels
    • city portraits -workshop at the artuniversity of bucharest, photo vidoe department
    • city portraits - workshop at MURABI school of cinema, Tirana
    • production of "epiphany on vacation"
  • 2008
    • Production grant for "Epiphany On Vacaton" - The israeli foundation for video art and experimental cinema
    • Christmas exhibition, PROGR, bern.
    • Transhumances with stephan dunkelman, Netwerk, Aalst.
    • OMG solo exhibition at Netwerk, aalst
    • visual content for Zohara concert, de centrale, Gent
    • Love you kill you, laboratoire village nomade, lac Neuchatel, CH
    • OneMinutesJunior Workshop, Bujumbura, Burundi (organization: Unicef) 
    • OneMinutesJunior workshop, Baia Mare, Romania (effi) 
    • 1st festival for visual arts and new media, morocco, casablanca
    • Production of a creative documentary about the Kunstvlaai -API 
    • Video production workshop, a collaboration of CVB, CPAS (centre publique d'action sociale) de Schaerbeek, Les Halles, Bxl (effi)
    • 'in residency' - development residency at Netwerk, aalst, belgium
    • Unlimited: effi and amir's side dish
  • 2007
    • Whales - street projection, Tel Aviv. curator: Ilan Wizgan
    • Contribution to "the residents" book publication by Argos, centre for art and media, brussels. 
    • 1minutesJr workshop, digitalartlab, Holon, israel 
    • 1minutesJr workshop, Oradea, Romania 
    • Home made #3,Lodz Culture House cinema(LDK
    • 1minutes workshop, Timisoara University, Romania
    • 1minutes workshop, Sibiu-Astra Films, Romania
    • 1minutes workshop, Bucharest Art University, Romania 
    • 1minutes workshop, Cluj University, Romania 
    • stARTrek- the next generation, Orsini Palace Bomarzo , Italy. curator: Antonella Pisilli
    • e-flux video rental in PiST/// (topsoil)
  • 2006
    • Jerusalem International Film Festival - experimental film prize for "color", ("tzeva")
    • The Desert Show, Gallery 400, Chicago 
    • Video Zone3, Tel Aviv, "The Way of Negation" videos from belgium, selected by effi & amir
    • 1minutesJr workshop, Tirana, Albania 
    • Ma'arbolet, Tel Aviv Dolfinarium Beach
    • event#3 Netwerk, Aalst, Belgium
  • 2005
    • December: "Not Alone" Haifa University Gallery, Haifa (curator: ruti director) 
    • November: "blanks", the Israeli CCA tel-aviv (curator: sergio edelzstein)
    • November: "hagal Hakal" beit reuben, Tel Aviv (curator: shira naftali) 
    • November: CART, the offspace rendez-vous at KunstZurich (marks blond, Bern)
    • September: "home at TENT." - invited and co-curated by Gil & Moti Homegallery and TENT, Rotterdam 
    • August: prize winners exhibition, Tel Aviv Museum 
    • June: 1 minutes video workshop, Tirana, Albania
    • may: 16th republic, east area, amsterdam, curated by Irina Birger 
    • march:loosing.ctrl, FORUM STADPARK, GARZ. a Nomad project, curated by Basak Senova
    • March: "black is beautiful" marks blond at white space, Zurich 
    • March: i for an i, PROGR, bern (long term project december 04-march 05) 
    • February:"homesick home" israeli video art (selection and introduction) 
    • January: "the Revisionists", Marks Blond Project Space, Bern
  • 2004
    • production grant "the video art and experimental film production fund", israel 
    • the one minutes award (category miracles and science) 
    • young artist prize 2004- the israeli ministry of culture 
    • residency grant at "PROGR" -zentrum fur kulturproduktion, Bern, Switzerland 
    • december: Café video, curated by Jean-Marc Huitorel, Saint Brieuc
    • november: VideoZone- the 2nd video art biennale in Tel Aviv
    • november: "under a raging sun" PROGR, bern
    • october: Fremder Sender - one week production residency, Invited by Haus am Gern
    • october: "GO", "PROGR" -zentrum fur kulturproduktion, Bern, Switzerland 
    • september: 6E manifestation internationale, video et art electronique, Champs Libre, MONTREAL
    • july: "The Marathon" (performance), "sportivement votre", Domaine de Chamarande, France 
    • may: "when we were kings" kunstvlaai 5, westergasfabriek, amsterdam
    • april: "VinylVideo now playing: Near East " a collaboration with VinylVideo™, commissoned by the Israeli center for digital art, Holon
    • march: "point of view", Tel Aviv Museum, Tel Aviv 
    • february: "1+1=1"a week long workshop, Den Bosch art academy
  • 2003
    • December: Artfocus, Jerusalem (the video program, curated by Sergio Edelzstein)
    • September:"ferry tale", "the reality principal" 2nd Tirana Biennial, Albania, Curated by Stephanie Ben Zaquen 
    • September: Xpatria, Sint Nicolaas Kapel, Amsterdam, curated by Guy Bahir 
    • September: "xpatria" screening program, SNK ,Amsterdam (selected by effi & amir) 
    • May:"Hereafter-Tel Aviv Video", contemporary art center, Vilnius, LithuaniaCurated by Stephanie Ben Zaquen 
    • April:"Back From", Solo Video Screening, Kunstverein, Freiburg. invited by Christina Ohlmer 
    • September: theatre of war - Antwerp
    • March: Video festival, Dallas , USA
    • February: screenings at Arlequin cinema, Paris ("Art-Action, Paris-Berlin rencontres ")
  • 2002
    • Dreamcatcher 5 video-art festival award, CCA Kiev 
    • Israeli ministry of culture grant "Cite International des Arts" residency, paris 
    • November:"land of Shadow", Tel Aviv Museum, Israel
    • November: Video Zone- 1 st Biannual for Video Art, Tel Aviv
    • September:"Art for the People", Riding, Tel Aviv, Israel
    • September: Dreamcatcher Festival, Kiev
    • July: New York Video Festival, Lincoln Center , NY
    • June: "promised land/ territoire occupee" video program, Centre pour l'image contemporaine , Genève 
    • April: Zoom in Zoom Out- Argos, Brussels
    • March: Zoom in-Zoom out, Art in General, New York curator: Sergio Edelsztein
    • March: Gwangju Biennial, Korea
    • January: "Screen Work" Ort Braude College Gallery, Karmiel, Israel
    • January: "Independence Day Eve."-Solo Video Screening, Hertzliya Museum
  • 2001
    • International Media Art Award -Audience Award, ZKM, Karlsruhe, Germany 
    • Ddecember: "all my sons" the israeli centre for digital art, Holon, curator: galit eilat
    • December: "Florescent 2", Florescent, Tel-Aviv
    • December: 01-"Local Time 4", Video Art screening, cinematheque Tel-Aviv+ Jerusalem 
    • October:  Impakt festival, Utrecht , The Netherlands
    • November:- Group Exhibition , Bezalel, Tel-Aviv
    • June: Dreamcatcher film and video festival, Kiev .
    • May: "Ctrl Space" International media\art award, ZKM, Karlsruhe, Germany
    • February: “eye confess” side street project, Los Angeles , USA
    • Feb+March: “voyeurism”, “hazira”,Jerusalem 
    • January: CHECK IT, solo exhibition Peer Gallery, Tel Aviv. curator: Guy Ben Ner
  • Artattack
    • 2000-2002
    • Initiators, with Irit Garty and Issac Layish, of ARTATTACK. a monthly independent TV program, broadcast nation-wide in Israeli TV. Artattack activity also involved production of public screenings, exhibitions, lectures and presentations to various audiences.
    • Selected Artattack presentations:
    • November 02- "Artattack", an exhibition in CCA Silauliai , Lithuania (Virus Festival)
    • March 02- Gwangju Biennial , Korea
    • July 01- Jerusalem International Film Festival /symposium
    • June 01 – 1 st Artattack's Birthday- video presentation, “hazira” Jerusalem
    • February 01- Video Exhibition, Haifa Museum of Art , Haifa
  • Prizes
    • Prix du jury de long métrage - RISC festival, Marseille (2023)
      Moving Image Art Prize
      - Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin (2022)
    • Special Mention, Festival Jean Rouch (2022)
      Special Mention, FLIGHT/mostra internazionale del cinema si Genova (2022)
    • Prix de parcours documentaire, scam Belgique (2021)
    • Prix Cinérgie, Festival En ville, Brussels (2021)
    • Sylvester Award, feature length - IndieLisboa, Lisbon (2021)
    • Artistic Vision Award - docAviv int. documentary film festival, Tel Aviv (prize money refused) (2021)
    • Mario Ropsuli award - Jean Rouch Festival, France (2020)
    • Grand prix du jury - filmer a tout prix - competition court metrages belges, for The Vanishing Vanishing Point (2016)
    • Special mention - IndieLisboa - documentary film festival, for Deux fois le meme fleuve
    • Prix de la SCAM - Filmer a tout prix, for Deux fois le meme fleuve
    • Jerusalem Film Festival, Experimental category for the video "color", ("tzeva") 
    • The one minutes award
    • Young artist prize 2004- the israeli ministry of culture 
    • Residency grant at "PROGR" -zentrum fur kulturproduktion, Bern, Switzerland
    • Dreamcatcher 5 video-art festival, Kiev CCA 
    • Israeli ministry of culture grant "Cite International des Arts" residency, paris 
    • International Media Art Award -Audience Award, ZKM, Karlsruhe, Germany 
    • Excellence prize of the “Bezalel” Fine Art Department 
    • Booki Tzooker excellence Prize for an art student (effi)