• Our publication L'hypothèse d'une porte (in French, English and Dutch), is now available in some of the best bookshops in Brussels. Get it at: rile*, Passa porta, Les yeux gourmands, Tulitu, Météores, Wiels, Saint Martin Bookshop, Tropismes, Brin d'acier and at the CENTRALE for contemporary art.

  • Sous la douche, le ciel, will be projected as part of the first IMMENSE Festival, on 15/03, at 12:00, at DoucheFLUX. Followed by a Q&A.

  • At the exhibition N( )tre image, curated by Raya Lindberg, we will show our Genealogy of the 8th Letter, one of teh objects created for the exhibition Hundred Muscle Army. Opening on 07/03 at the exhibition room of the publishing house La Lettre Volée in Brussels.

  • The public Book launch of the publication L'hypothèse d'une porte will take place on 15/02/24 at the CENTRALE for contemporary art. Book presentation, drinks, and a talk with Fabrice Kada.

  • Brave New Words - Tafelredes. A commissioned intervention at Festival Chambre d'O in Ostende, 3+4 February 2024

  • By The Throat in November: 05/11 - UPJB, Brussels. 17/11 Bibliothèque de Ravières (Ravières, Bourgogne-Franche-Comté). 24/11 - London Migration Film Festival, ICA London.

  • Up coming screenings of By The Throat: 07/12 - Cinéma Galeries, Brussels - projection+encounter, in the frame of the launching events of Dire Mot. 12/12 - Opening film at 14e edition of RISC, Rencontres Internationales Science et Cinémas, Marseilles. 14/12 - Galerie Nord, Kunstverein Tiergarten, Berlin, in the frame of the exhibition V01CES.

  • The publication L'Hypothèse d'une porte is out. On November 23rd we will present it and will discuss the project it documents in a conference titled Quel accueil ! dedicated to the challenges of accompanying young immigrants,

  • CHANCE is selected to FLIGHT/ Mostra Internazionale del Cinema di Genova, 18-22/10 (IT)

  • In the frame of the 10th edition of COUNTOUR Biennale for Moving Images in Mechelen, we will show a version of Places Of Articulation as part of the exhibition at De Garage (08/09-05/11); Three presentations of The 8th Letter (08/09, 23/09, 07/10) and six screenings of By The Throat (29/10, 1-5/11) at Cinema Lumière.

  • Now out: Numéro 13 ¼ – hors-série – Dire Mot – vol. 1, a magazine by Papier Machine, with a contribution by By The Throat.

  • By The Throat, new selections and screenings: 25-27/08 International Film Festival of Shimla (IN), 07/09 Tel Aviv Museum (IL), 17-22/10 AegeanDocs festival (GR)

  • Voice Over #2, A performative gathering, curated by maayan Shellef on 26 August 2023, 11am – 10pm at KW Institute for Contemporary Art. By The Throat will be projected at 11:45, and will be followed by Q&A. At 16:00 we will give a participatory lecture based on the performance The 8th Letter.

  • By The Throat is invited to Etats généraux du film documentaire, Lussas (FR), in a programme curated by Pauline David, 20-26/08

  • By The Throat is invited to be part of the workshop Operational Imaginaries, by Laliv Melamed and Abe Geil. University of Amsterdam 25-26 May.

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Les Mains Vides / Met Lege Handen
Les Mains Vides / Met Lege Handen
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Reds and Greys (working title)